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Reciprocity Requests by Roger Williams University School of Law Students & Alumni
Reciprocity allows RWU Law students and alumni to use the career development offices of other law schools. Read about their reciprocity policies and then contact the Office of Career Development to solicit a request.

Reciprocity Requests by Students and Graduates of Other Law Schools
To be granted reciprocity, please review our Reciprocity Policy below and then contact your law school’s career development office with your request. We will then communicate directly with the requesting school.

Office of Career Development Reciprocity Policy
The Office of Career Development grants reciprocal services to students and graduates from other NALP member and ABA accredited schools.

The guidelines for reciprocity are as follows:

  • Reciprocity is available in electronic format only via the Symplicity program. Services available to students and graduates include job postings and general information. Graduates and students will receive a username and password to log onto Symplicity.  
  • The username and password for the reciprocity account can also be found on the Brigham Young University Intercollegiate Job Bank site. Please see the career development office at your school for more information.
  • An email on behalf of the student/graduate requesting reciprocity must be sent by an official from the individual’s school.
  • Roger Williams University School of Law grants reciprocity as a privilege to students and graduates. The Office of Career Development reserves the right to deny or discontinue reciprocity at any time.

Please send all requests to:

Veronica Paricio
Assistant Dean of Career Development
Office of Career Development
Roger Williams University School of Law
Suite 175
Ten Metacom Avenue
Bristol, RI 02809