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Posted by Jolee Messier
06/30/2010 at 02:48 PM
I can't believe that it is already Wednesday of my third week in London, and that I return to the U.S. on Saturday!  Time has definitely flown by.  I had a great weekend sightseeing, watching the World Cup (with not so great outcomes for England and America) and relaxing.  On Saturday, I went to Camden Market, which is an outdoor market with clothes, jewelry, souvenirs etc.  I also went to an amazing food market with ethnic foods from all over the world.  Finally, I went to the Tate Modern Art Museum (which was free!)   Court has been a little bit rough this week...
Posted by David Logan
06/28/2010 at 09:14 AM
One of the most important jobs in a law school is that of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (essentially the Vice-Dean), who oversees most faculty and many student matters.  At most law schools, this job rotates among members of the tenured faculty, and I have had the pleasure in my 7 years as Dean to work with three excellent administrators: Diana Hassel, Michael Yelnosky, and David Zlotnick. On July 1, Prof. Andy Horwitz, currently the Director of Clinical Programs, Director of the Criminal Defense Clinic, and Distinguished Service Professor, will replace Dean Z. Andy has a...
Posted by Jolee Messier
06/25/2010 at 10:00 AM
I had a very interesting and exciting experience at Snaresbrook Crown Court in London this week.  I was assigned to marshall for both His Honor Judge Timothy King and his His Honor Judge William Kennedy.  Both Judge King and Judge Kennedy are extremely nice and intelligent men.  It is quite an honor to be able to sit next to these learned judges on the bench while they preside over court proceedings.  This week, I heard applications (motions) for bail, saw Judge King preside over a sentencing hearing (and put a poor dog to death!), viewed jury selection, and...
Posted by David Logan
06/23/2010 at 08:17 AM
Among the many eclectic scholars at RWU Law, few surpass Prof. Jonathan Gutoff’s wide-ranging interests, including deep expertise on the history and law of piracy, a very hot topic around the world these days. (Indeed, a Dutch court just convicted five Somalis of piracy.)  Prof. Gutoff recently returned from the United Nations; following is a communication from Maria-Luisa Chavez, the Chief of the Department of Public Information at the United Nations Office of NGO Relations, summarizing Prof. Gutoff’s presentation.    I would like to express my sincere gratitude on...
Posted by Jolee Messier
06/22/2010 at 11:09 AM
I finally have internet access to post a blog- hooray!  I have so much to write about the past week and a half so here it goes...  I arrived in London last Sunday.  It was quite difficult getting from the airport to our dorm on the tube because I had so much luggage and there were way too many stairs on the London Underground!  I was so grateful to finally make it to our dorm at Ramsay Hall of the University College London.  Our dorm is on a busy street in the center of London with lots of restaurants and shops.  We all have single rooms, which is pretty nice....
Posted by Beth Pytlik
06/21/2010 at 09:03 AM
Greetings from London!  It's been a very fast paced first week here in London. Most arrived last Sunday, but I, the travelfiend, started on Thursday in Paris. I came close to seeing everything the city had to offer in a matter of days. Some of my best memories are a haunted history tour, amazing food, wine and cafe, and the Louvre. Ohh, the Louvre. So after several days of rushing, Monday morning class came as quite a change. No need to worry though, as Professor Webster is taking fabulous care of us, and never letting us go without tea and cookies through class. Wednesday...
Posted by Kevin Olasanoye
06/20/2010 at 06:50 PM
I just finished an amazing weekend in London (except for the weather) and decided it would be a good time to update you all on what’s been going on. I got a chance to go to the London Eye, which is basically a huge ferris wheel in the center of London. It goes about 400 yards above sea level and gives you a wonderful view of Central London. From the very top, you can see Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace (no, I did not see the Queen), Big Ben, and Parliament. Maybe the coolest part of the whole experience was the 4D movie we saw after buying our tickets (much better than the MTV...
Posted by David Logan
06/17/2010 at 02:18 PM
RWU Law has a number of faculty members who are sought out for their expertise in the International Law arena, like Louise Teitz and Pater Margulies, Ed Eberle, expert on Comparative Law, just returned from a visit to Germany, sponsored by the US State Department, and here is Ed’s recap of the visit: The Berlin conference was sponsored by Der Tagesspiegel, a Berlin newspaper, and dealt with the issue of "Protection of the Private Sphere: Freedom or Security.” The program started with an introductory speech by the US Ambassador to Germany, Philip Murphy. Then I participated in a discussion...
Posted by Kevin Olasanoye
06/16/2010 at 09:42 AM
I have been in London now for a week and have had quite the adventure thus far. On the flight from Boston, I sat next to a musician who was travelling on business. As we started chatting, we discovered that we both lived in Providence and had a mutual friend who is also a 2L at RWU Law (it really is a small world). I then had the chance to visit with some family who live in the suburbs of London and get myself acclimated to life across the pond (for example, young people here wear their polo shirts with the collar up all the time and you have to look right when you cross the street because...
Posted by David Logan
06/13/2010 at 11:00 PM
In addition to feting the graduates at Glen Manor, we also salute the end of the year for our 1Ls, exactly 8 months, 25 days, and 20 hours after their journey into the morass of the law began at Orientation.  We toasted their hard work and the construction of a strong platform for future academic and professional success.  Congratulations to the class of 2012! Here are some pics from that fun event at Jacky’s Galaxie & Sushi Bar in Bristol, RI.