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Posted by Regina Curran
04/22/2009 at 11:00 PM
We are a week away from finals and just finished registering for classes, its this time of year more than others that everyone has a tip for you and your success. There are plenty of theories about which classes to take, how best to study, and the best ways to ensure you pass the bar the first time around. Generally speaking I have listened to these thoughts because they are shared by well-meaning people who truly want to offer you their experiences. At the end of the day, for me anyways, I more or less do what I want. Personally speaking my interests in the law are vast and varied, so I have...
Posted by David Logan
04/15/2009 at 11:00 PM
Last week, our own Courtney Cahill participated in a symposium on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s jurisprudence, held at the Ohio State University. The program drew legal luminaries from across the country, including Cynthia Estlund (NYU), Pam Karlan (Stanford), Kenneth Karst (UCLA), Martha Nussbaum (Chicago), Reva Siegel (Yale), Chris Slobogin (Vanderbilt), Wendy Williams (Georgetown), and Tobias Wolff (Penn). What made this a unique experience was the rare opportunity to join in a discussion of a sitting justice’s jurisprudence with the justice in attendance. The symposium brochure provides...
Posted by Hala Furst
04/02/2009 at 11:00 PM
Looks like I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties. I looked back and saw that I haven’t posted anything since February, and so much has happened since then. The Public Interest Auction, Barrister’s Ball, Spring Break, and just last weekend, a trip to DC to hear arguments in front of the Supreme Court and meet Justice Alito and Senator Whitehouse. Those who read this blog with any frequency will know that I love DC, and would like one day to live there. If I could get a job, that would be great too. DC has a great energy, and I think it’s an energy that any law student would vibe on. Everyone...
Posted by Regina Curran
04/02/2009 at 11:00 PM
This past weekend a group of 2L honors students had the opportunity to take a trip to Washington DC. As part of the US Supreme Court Cases class we attended arguments at the Supreme Court, met with Justice Alito and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, and toured the Capital building. We prepared for the trip by reading the briefs for Travelers Indemnity Co. v. Bailey and then hearing about the finer points of this bankruptcy case from Professor Chung. It was very interesting to see the Justices who’s opinions we have read listen and react to the arguments presented. It was also great to see the...