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Posted by Hala Furst
10/28/2007 at 11:00 PM
Some days at Roger Williams University School of Law feel a little bit like a return to high school. We have a cafeteria, there are sections, and everyone knows everyone, meaning teachers and your peers. I will be honest, if you want to be anonymous and feel like a number, then RWU is not the school for you. For the most part it is pretty funny, the comparisons with high school, mostly because we are all pretty smart and somewhat geeky in our own little ways, and we’re all over the age of majority. So as easy as it would be to fall into the habit of caring about popularity and who is dating...
Posted by Hala Furst
10/21/2007 at 11:00 PM
It’s a day late and a few paragraphs short, but hey, I’m still recouperating from Le Memo. Which, coincidentally, I have decided will be my halloween costume. Because it’s wicked scary. It’s hard to believe, but we are approaching the end of our 3rd month as 1Ls. Time flies when you’re… working so hard you don’t have time to feed yourself or bathe. I have never so much wished for the ability to eat while asleep, or shower while driving. Think how much time you would save! But seriously, the days and weeks fly by, even if sometimes the hours in the library seem to drag. At least the memo is...
Posted by Hala Furst
10/13/2007 at 11:00 PM
In the first semester of your first year, you will be assigned a Memo in your Legal Methods class. Start working on it now. Before you come to law school, you might look at a course syllabus and think, “Hey, this isn’t so bad. They only have about 15 pages of reading per class”. When you say this, don’t say it anywhere within hearing distance of a law student, because they will probably throw a highlighter at you before yelling something unintelligible about cursing you with a 12(b)(6) motion. Because 15 pages of reading in regular student land is vastly, vastly different from 15 pages in law...
Posted by Hala Furst
10/06/2007 at 11:00 PM
So, this weekend I took off for 36 hours to New York City to see a friend and celebrate her birthday. What’s great about Bristol is that it is small and quiet, which is conducive to studying, but within 20 minutes you can be in Providence, and from there you are a 3 hour train ride to NYC, or a 1 hour train ride to Boston. I have a car, which is nice, but not completely necessary if you live in Bristol proper, as there are buses that run to campus and all over Rhode Island (We’re also 20 minutes from the beaches in Newport and Middletown, which I find particularly helpful when I want to...