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Posted by Hala Furst
09/29/2007 at 11:00 PM
Like, you’ll be able to finish two days worth of work in a Sunday afternoon. Remember back when I said that I was taking off Friday nights and all day Saturday? Yeah, that’s not happening anymore, and not just because my fellow students keep calling me out on it. Mostly because it’s just not possible. Now, I know what you prospective 1Ls are thinking: “OMG I CANNOT FUNCTION WITHOUT A WEEKEND!!!”. First of all, stop using all caps. It’s annoying. Second of all, yes you can. Because you’ll have other free time thoughout the week, just not necessarily on the weekends, because, let’s face it,...
Posted by Hala Furst
09/23/2007 at 11:00 PM
I’m not going to lie. I’m a law dork. A Lawrk if you will.  Being a law dork means a variety of things. It might mean that I wish the cast of the West Wing actually ran our country and that Josh Lyman was my boyfriend. It might mean that I make jokes with my friends about food with legal plays-on-words (like Tort-ellini… get it? HAHAHAHA). Or it might mean that it’s 1:30 in the morning, and after working on reading, briefing cases, and researching for the legal methods memo due at the end of the semester I’m still up reading articles online about SCOTUS Justice Paul Stevens, the...
Posted by Hala Furst
09/15/2007 at 11:00 PM
It’s about 6:30pm on a Sunday, and I’ve been studying since approximately 11am. I still have another 20 pages and two cases to brief for Contracts, and then I’ll still have my 4-Case Analysis due on Tuesday. One of the tricks to keeping yourself from going crazy in law school is keeping ahead of the wave, as I like to think of it. There is little time to celebrate finishing your work for Monday, because there is always Tuesday, and Wednesday, and so on and so on. So you have to keep swimming just on the crest of the wave of work, to keep from being crushed. You don’t want to let anything slip...
Posted by Hala Furst
09/13/2007 at 11:00 PM
As the first month of the rest of my life is winding to a close, I find myself feeling as though I’ve been a 1L for much, much longer. I walk into the cafeteria to be greeted by old friends; I enter the library and take comfort in familiar surroundings. I just moved to Bristol from Minnesota, so on top of the stress of being a first year law student, I’ve got the added fun of trying to figure out where to buy my groceries, do my laundry, get my gas, and generally function in a completely different part of the world. In some ways, it’s been a relief to have the constant fact of my workload-...