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Swapna Yeluri ’07 is lead staff attorney for the Joining Forces Project of the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau, a program that offers free legal advice for veterans. Prior to that, she was a staff attorney in the bureau’s Baltimore City Child Advocacy unit for over six years, representing abused and...

Swapna Yeluri's Archive for May 2015

Posted by Swapna Yeluri
05/04/2015 at 11:00 PM
The events and destruction in Baltimore over the past week triggered a lot of difficult emotions within me. I am an attorney in the city, advocating for underprivileged youths and veterans. Last October I was attacked in the same inner-city neighborhood where I work, day in and day out, trying to help the community.  I contacted the police and received no assistance at all.  The experience left me angry and bitter – not just toward the police, but also toward the individuals in the community.  Coming to terms with that incident and my reactions to it has been one of the...