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David Logan served as Dean at Roger Williams School of Law from 2003 to 2014, making him one of the nation's longest-serving law deans. In 2014, he returned to full-time teaching and research.

A graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, Professor Logan clerked for a federal...

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Law Review, 2012-13 Version

Posted by David Logan on 08/31/2012 at 12:02 PM

Over the decades, the most prestigious accomplishment in law school is membership on the Law Review.  Staffers are selected in a highly competitive process that considers both 1L grades and performance on a writing exercise.  The 2L members assist with editorial work for the journal and write a “note,” while 3L members oversee the actual production of the law review issues, including the all-important task of selecting articles for publication. 

Many law reviews, like ours, dedicate entire issues to single topics, and feature the top academics in their fields; in the last decade alone, the Roger Williams Law Review has published symposia on such important topics as popular constitutionalism, judicial selection in Rhode Island, tort reform, terrorism, religious liberty, fisheries, and criminal sentencing.  The Journal has published work by nationally-known academics, and, because of our unique role as the only law school in the state, articles authored by leading public servants, like United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and past Chief Justices of the Rhode Island Supreme Court Joseph Weisberger and Frank Williams.

Below are pics of the 2012-13 members (Geoffrey Aptt,  Ashley Brinkmann, Maura Clancy, Samantha Clarke, Michael da Cruz, Chloe Davis, Nicholas Denice, Marc Fialkoff, Adam Forsblom, Alyse Galoski, Caitlyn Kelly, Maxine Kutner, Asia-Sierra Millette, Kathleen Nee, Thomas Pagliarini, Jennifer Read, Joceline Rocha, Brendan Ryan, Leticia Tavares, Nicole Verdi, Antonio Viana and Zoe Zhang) the entire membership  (Geoffrey Aptt, Ashley Brinkmann, Melissa R. Chalek, Maura Clancy, Samantha Clarke, Andrew C. Covington, Michael da Cruz, Chloe Davis, Nicholas Denice, Malorie R. Diaz, Marc Fialkoff, Andrew K. Fischer, Adam Forsblom, Alyse Galoski,  William J. Giacofci, Tracy Harper, Gregory N. Hoffman, Karin S. Holst, Alexandra Hudd, Caitlyn Kelly,MaxineKutner, Kendra Levesque, Juliana McKittrick, Asia-Sierra Millette, Kathleen Nee, Nicholas L. Nybo, James Harry Oliverio, Thomas Pagliarini, Matthew J. Pimentel, Erica S. Pistorino, Carolyn M. Rankin, Jennifer Read, Joceline Rocha, Brendan Ryan, Leticia Tavares, Andrew Tugan, Nicole Verdi, Antonio Viana, Collin A. Weiss,  Marjorie Whalen, William K. Wray, Jr., William H. Yost III,  Zoe Zhang ) and the Editorial Board.

Congratulations on your accomplishments!

law review 2012-13

          Roger Williams University Law Review  ● Volume Eighteen ● 2012-2013

law review 2012-13 editorial board

Editorial Board

Seated:  Andrew Tugan, Editor-in-Chief; Malorie R. Diaz, Rhode Island Editor; William H. Yost III, Executive Notes & Comments Editor; Tracy Harper, Developmental Editor; Kendra Levesque, Articles Editor

Standing:  Juliana McKittrick, Articles Editor; Gregory N. Hoffman, Notes & Comments Editor; Andrew C. Covington, Executive Articles Editor; Nicholas L. Nybo, Articles Editor; James Harry Oliverio, Managing Editor; Marjorie Whalen, Notes & Comments Editor

law review 2012-13 2Ls

2L Members