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Hi! my name is Amber and I am second-year law student here at Roger Williams University School of Law (RWUSOL). Additionally, I am a transfer student. I completed my first year of law school at a mid-western law school before making the trek to Rhode Island in order to attend RWUSOL. It is my...

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First Impressions as a Transfer Student

Posted by Amber White on 02/05/2013 at 03:44 PM

The first thing I noticed about RWUSOL upon coming here was the warm reception I received.  From day one, the school was very accommodating-- whether it was helping me register for classes or making sure that I had secured housing.  It definitely made me feel like the school was happy to have me.

My first semester at RWUSOL I spent mostly immersed in my studies and getting used to my new school.  My classes were pretty hard that semester, but the professors were happy to answer any questions I had. It was easy to just drop in for office hours.  This semester, one of my classes is Trial Advocacy.  This means we get to get out of our seats and practice opening statements, direct examinations, and so on in front of a professor. I absolutely love this class so far-- I feel like it is preparing me for the practice of law in the real world!

Now that I am in my second semester as transfer student, I have been getting more involved with the school.  I recently joined the Association for Public Interest Law (APIL).  This student organization has events centering around public interest law, which is perfect for me as I hope to be a prosecutor upon graduation.  I just applied to go on an alternative spring break trip with APIL so I hope to be able to write more about that in the coming months.  Something else to look forward to is next month’s Barrister’s Ball.  This is essentially prom but for law school students. This year ,the ball is being held in Newport, RI.  It will be exciting to get all dressed up with friends for a night of dinner and dancing!

I plan to write more soon and to update you with how my second semester at RWUSOL is going!