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I grew up in Skokie, IL a suburb of Chicago. I loooooooove Chicago and still miss grabbing a hotdog in a poppy seed bun at Herm’s Palace and people who say “pop” instead of “soda.” I wince whenever someone pronounces Illinois as Illinoise…(shudder). As a teenager I moved to Rochester, NY and...

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Brynna v. UCC

Posted by Brynna Gang on 06/28/2011 at 10:25 PM

Evidently my idea of posting another blog before the end of the school year was---unsuccessful. To atone I will post an extra long one.

 I think I have mentioned that when it comes to study places I am a Starbucks fan. And while I really do love Starbucks and their baristas who were so kind to me throughout the year, I have decided to go on hiatus this summer. By the time spring exams were over I was so burned out that even entering a Starbucks makes me feel like I should be doing RAP problems or answering a hypothetical about real covenants. So no Starbucks for now.

 Let me just get this out of the way...finishing your 1L year feels AMAZING!!! Right after I finished my last final (Property) some friends and I went to a zoo in MA where my friend was a zoo keeper before school. We toured it and then we played with the seals! It's too bad I can't figure out how to load video because that's all we have of the 1:1. Did you know they train seals to let you rub their tummies to make vet exams easier? Thats right. I touched a seal! It was an awesome way to end the year. After hanging out with a friend the rest of the night I left to go home to NY the next day. The day after that I left to go to Chicago for about a week and unwind. My best friend since kindergarten flew up from TX and we had a great week. After that I came back to NY and got ready to start my internship. 

Now the title of this post will begin to make sense. This summer I'm working for Thomson Reuters who own Westlaw which is one of the 2 major legal publishers. Along with 3 other interns I'm working on a project with the UCC, the Uniform Commercial Code, and the code the state has adopted. In your 1L contracts course you'll work with the UCC and specifically Article 2- the article that deals with sales. The UCC is super complicated, long, and contradictory in places so figuring it out has been a learning experience. After a month of working exclusively with the UCC I feel like we have an understanding. Currently, in the epic battle of Brynna v. UCC I am so happy to say Brynna is now winning!

Now for non-law stuff. Well, one more law thing. I do wan't to say that even though I'm on break from school what you have learned in school doesn't go away. There is no shut-off switch. I figured this out when my boyfriend and I were watching the news and the anchor mentioned that a lawsuit had been filed in the case of a woman who had been run over by a snowplow this last winter. The conversation went like this:

J: What could they possibly sue for? It was an accident.

Me: It's a negligence suit. 

J: Okay, but she walked behind a snow plow. How can she win on that?

Me: Well, she is a very sympathetic victim. She was a young mother etc etc. And the lawyer will argue that the plow driver acted unreasonably and failed in his duty to etc etc. 

J: Yeah but doesn't he have a defense?

Me: Well, yeah. They could argue contributory negligence or even assumption of risk.


This is what will happen to you. 

Okay now for non-law stuff.

  Last weekend my friend got married. The past month my weekends and many weeknights have been devoted to wedding stuff so it has been incredibly busy. Her wedding was beautiful and I am so happy I was able to be there for her. Other than that I have been seeing old friends, playing with my dog, riding my horse, seeing my family and boyfriend, and altogether enjoying my time in NY. The next couple weeks I don't have anything major planned so I am hoping for some real R & R. 

That is all I have for now. Hope this makes up for my neglect. 

  Bye bloggies!