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And the Webby Winner Is…You the Researcher

Posted by Library Blog on 05/18/2015 at 09:12 AM

Q: What do link rot and a Webby Award have in common?

A: perma.cc

Let’s start with some basics. A Webby Award is an annual international award honoring excellence on the Internet. Looking for an example of a Webby award winning website? Try GoogleMaps’ Smarty Pins. Linkrot is the decay of links over time when websites get updated or become unavailable. Looking for an example of this as it pertains to law? Try this Slate blog post.

perma.cc imageFor a more serious look at link rot and legal citation, check out this article from the Yale Journal of Law and Technology and the website for the 2014 Georgetown University Law Library symposium “404/File Not Found: Link Rot, Legal Citation and Projects to Preserve Precedent”.

To combat the problem of link rot in legal citation, Harvard Law School Library, in conjunction with several law libraries and other organizations, developed perma.cc. This website, currently in beta, allows scholars and lawyers to create citation links that will never break. This is accomplished through archiving a copy of the referenced content. Perma.cc generates a link to what their website describes as “an unalterable hosted instance of the site.” More information about how this works and how to use this service in your writing, is available on the perma.cc site.

Does perma.cc sound amazing to you? It should! It won a 2015 Webby Award.

If you have any questions about link rot or how to use perma.cc, stop by or call the Reference Desk.