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Alum Hired as Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern Law

Posted by David Logan on 08/05/2010 at 01:47 PM

photo of Prof Jane Rindsberg

Members of our faculty regularly form close bonds with their students, and remain advisors and friends long after graduation.  Case in point: Prof. Jane Rindsberg, a graduate of Duke Law School, who has to be one of the most dedicated teachers ever. Below is her report about the post-graduate success of a student that she taught years ago.

On July 1, Amanda Bertrand Foster – from our class of 2004 – recently fulfilled a dream she has had since she was graduated from RWU, by becoming an Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills & Values and Civil Procedure at the law school at Nova Southeastern University in Florida.  That will apparently make Amanda the first graduate of our young law school to become a law school professor.  This is a significant accomplishment because the job market for law professors is very competitive.

I met Amanda at the start of my first year here, the 2003 – 2004 school year, as others highly recommended her to be my research assistant.  I took their recommendation and have been in touch with Amanda ever since then, during her judicial clerkship in New Jersey, during her years in private practice at two law firms in New Jersey, and most recently, when she was an adjunct professor, teaching legal writing at Seton Hall Law School.

I learned early on that Amanda aspired to be a law school professor, and I could tell that she would be at home in a classroom and a supportive mentor for her students, so it is with great enthusiasm and pride that I wish her well as she embarks on her new adventure by joining the ranks of those of us dedicated to teaching law students.

Here is a link to Amanda's web page at Nova.

photo of Amanda Bertrand  Foster
Amanda Bertrand Foster